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melb_meh's Journal

Melb meh
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
Sister comm to syd_meh

Just a no bull, minimal rules Melbourne community.

x. no racist/sexist/stupid/cruel/rude posts or comments.
consider this like talking to people in a pub... act like an asshole and the bouncers will probably kick your ass out!

x. please put large images and large rants behind a cut!

x. dont advertise other communities in here... there is comm promo communities for that.

x. if you feel the need to shamelessly promote something you believe melb_meh members might actually want to know about, please have a 1 line introduction and put the rest behind a cut... and be kind and show a bit of love and shamelessly promote it in your own journal ^^

Post your stupid animal pictures! Post your random polls about nothing in particular and about everything specifically! Post stuff about how peas are FREAKIN HIDEOUS! Post your favourite recipes. Post away... just don't spam boring crap heh

otherwise... do whatever... if something you do pisses us off.. you'll know about it :D